Two Birds Perched On the Branch Where Abbu Hanged Himself

A suicide in the family left them heartbroken and grieving. They mourn the loss in their own ways while navigating the minefield of a wounded family relationship.

My Homeland: A Photography

Project by Grandpa Chen

Max Chen returns to Singapore, on a quest to capture one last photo for Grandpa Chen’s final photography project, “My Homeland”.

O Meri Jaane Jaan

(O My Beloved)

A fantasy musical film about a Chinese girl who gets trapped in a Bollywood musical and must escape before she becomes part of the movie.

Lone King

A depressed man’s struggle to stay alive is mirrored through a game of chess where his soul battles out with the reaper. Guilt from his past drives him to protect his pieces while the reaper is tasked to take away the king, his soul.

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