Singapore Mental Health Film Festival Short Film Youth Competition Spotlights 10 Films That Chart a Daring Course

Stacy Tanya

4 Jun 2020

The story of this short film is an introspective look at how suicide in the family leaves both a wife and a daughter heartbroken and grieving. They mourn the loss of their beloved husband/father in their own ways while navigating the minefield of a wounded family relationship.

What stood out to most to me in this short film is its crisp and artistic cinematography that is complemented by haunting music. There are several messages interwoven delicately in the short film which mainly points out the importance of mourning a loss without allowing it to manifest in other ways. Additionally, there is a poignant reminder that parents are not perfect beings and need to be mindful of their mental health too. Two Birds Perched on the Branch Where Abbu Hanged Himself is another favourite of mine from the competition because of how understated and subtly it handles messy issues such as loss and depression.

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