" My Homeland - A Photography Project by Grandpa Chen "


Max Chen returns to Singapore, on a quest to capture one last photo for Grandpa Chen’s final photography project, “My Homeland”.

Director's Statement

"Asgard is not a place, never was." This line from Thor: Ragnarok" compelled me to tell this tale about our unique Singaporean identity, not bounded to food, landmarks or the National Service experience from the perspective of an estranged Grandparent - child relationship. 

Even though the story is something we have seen before a lot of times in Singaporean cinema. However, as someone who likes creatively challenging projects, I wanted to make this film feel and live in this fantastical realm of storytelling because to me films, after all, were made to entertain and astonish, a form of escapism for the masses. 

Therefore, the presentation of the film, from the cinematography, costumes and even to the wordy title makes the film feel like a carefully illustrated storybook coming to life, taking heavy inspiration from the works of director Wes Anderson.

Awards & Recognition

  • Winner

    • Movie Makers Award, CINE65MMA 2019

    • Best Student Film, CINE65 MMA 2019

    • Best Cinematography, Frameworks 2019

    • Best Editing, Frameworks Fest 2019

  • Nominated

    • Favorite Film, CINE65 MMA 2019

    • Favorite Actor (Shaun Lim), CINE65 MMA 2019

    • Best Cinematography, CINE65 MMA 2019

    • Best Editing, CINE65 MMA 2019

    • Best Direction, CINE65 MMA 2019

    • Best Screenplay, CINE65 MMA 2019

    • Best Art Direction, CINE65 MMA 2019

    • Best Sound Design, CINE65 MMA 2019

    • Best Directing, Frameworks Fest 2019

    • Best Film, Frameworks Fest 2019

  • Official Selections

    • Out of Competition, Viddsee Juree 2019

    • Frameworks Fest 2019


Producer / Ibizia Mahardale & Rebecca Renee' Fletcher

Director & Writer / Jastine Tan

Cinematographer, Lighting & Colouring / Eugene Voo

Edit & VFX / Yifan Zheng

Sound Recordist & Mixing / Alvin Jai Alias

Music / David Obaniyi


Grip / Chris Tan & Asher Wu

Camera Assist / Asher Wu

Art Assist / Hadi Jafry