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Featured Projects

Drain Walkers

Based on the true story of illegal immigrants using Bukit Panjang’s extensive drain networks to carry out their illicit activities.


A man's race against time trying to establish communication with the departed shuttle's radio waves before it leaves the galaxy.

The Piano Room Chronicles

Steinway Gallery Singapore proudly presents three MVs that spotlight the top three most-voted pianists of the Steinway IG Stars voting contest; an online voting contest that was held as part of the 5th Steinway Youth Piano Competition: Playing from Home Edition.

My Homeland

Max Chen returns to Singapore, on a quest to capture one last photo for Grandpa Chen’s final photography project, “My Homeland”.

O Meri

Jaane Jaan

A fantasy musical film about a Chinese girl who gets trapped in a Bollywood musical and must escape before she becomes part of the movie.

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